About Us

Typecase is a renowned global electronics manufacturer specializing in Apple accessories. Established in 2017, our Typecase division is dedicated to the design and production of our top-selling keyboard cases and other Apple accessories.

The Flexbook and Flexbook Touch Case provide an elegant, functional solution for your daily needs. With the ability to rotate the screen 360 degrees, you can effortlessly showcase your work presentation, watch your favorite show, or read a new book, enhancing your iPad experience even when on the go.

The Folio Case KB16S is equipped with a detachable keyboard, enabling your iPad to transform into a laptop or an e-reader in an instant. The well-considered design allows for easy adjustments to the most comfortable angle, making it ideal for work, writing, or watching videos at the office, school, during travel, or at home.

In addition to keyboard cases, Typecase also manufactures a range of other Apple accessories, such as AirTag holders and AirTag wallets.

Our products are primarily sold through Amazon, and the following are authorized resellers of genuine Typecase products:

Amazon US marketplace: Keyboard Case Experts

Amazon US marketplace: Typecase store

Amazon CA marketplace: Typecase store

Amazon US marketplace: YXEC