10 Best iPad Games with Keyboard Support

Whether you believe it or not, there are iPad games with keyboard support that can maximize your Apple devices’ capacity even more.

Many would think that they can only play games on their iPad through its touchscreen. Time and over, the device itself proves them wrong.

The iPad has been used as a laptop replacement since it can turn into a handy portable computer just by attaching a compatible keyboard like those we sell in the Typecase collection. With the combination of the device and accessory, you can have a personal computer you can bring anywhere.

Its main purpose is to allow you read through your e-mail and browse the internet most lightly and conveniently possible. However, the Apple device can also let you play games, even those requiring a keyboard.

As of 2020, the App Store has nearly one million games users can access through any Apple device. Among the number are these ten games with keyboard support that can bring your iPad experience to the next level.

Agent Intercept

For fans of driving games, Agent Intercept is available to be played through iPad, and your keyboard will serve as your pedals, steering wheel, and gear stick at the same time. The most exciting part of the game allows you to convert your four-wheel vehicle into a ship as you try to engage in an action-filled journey.


Among Us

The hit-2018 game continues to dominate iOS even this year. 

Initially released in June 2018, Among Us is a multiplayer video game that allows Android and iOS users to play one game at the same time. The game consists of crewmates being controlled by different users who need to accomplish tasks before the time ends or the impostor kills all players.

To stop the killing and find the real impostor, users need to find whose alibis are untrue. Of course, through your iPad’s keyboard, your goal to kill everyone or complete the task is much easier!


Aruna’s Adventure

Can an 8-bit pixel style game dominate the App Store? Aruna’s Adventure can do that job! The actual gameplay brings you back to that 1990s action-adventure game. Unlike other multiplayer games, all players can only control the blue-haired character Aruna and help her defeat Dark Lord to prevent monsters from occupying lands.

The retro game also takes players to three overworld areas which can be controlled easier using the iPad’s keyboard.


Civilization VI

The popular PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch strategy video game is also playable through iOS devices. Though it is usually played using built-in controllers, your iPad’s keyboard can also work well in assisting you as you expand your empire while competing against Ruler of the World wannabes.

Kingdom Two Crowns

Kingdom Two Crowns is another strategy game originally made for Nintendo that successfully made its way to Apple devices. The gain-and-steal game from the Kingdom franchise contains a modern pixel art style interface that can bring the old-school vibes to the players. At the same, it serves as the perfect console strategy game with unforeseen challenges as you seek more Crowns.


Lego Builders Journey

Lego can never be out of style, that’s why Lego Builders Journey still makes it to the top iPad games you can play with your keyboard.

For fans of Lego, the arcade game satisfies everyone’s eyes with an aesthetically pleasing diorama made using Lego blocks. Like Minecraft, you can build your own bridges and paths to complete each story and proceed to the next map. This platform, fortunately, enables a user to enjoy a gorgeous game at no cost while maximizing the whole experience.


Pascal’s Wager

For a more exhilarating experience, Pascal’s Wager is ready to offer a broad map to take on the challenges. In this game, players have the access to the world map where they can select their preferred stages and missions. 

Instead of those fancy cars and vehicles, the players (which are called Couriers) need to travel through their carriages until they can finally discover the secret of Dark Mist. The journey is not as easy as people can imagine, though, since the final boss is too difficult to defeat. But that’s the most challenging part after all!


Kart racing is not dead, and SuperTuxKart relives players’ childhood moments by bringing back a fun racing game on the platform.

This game allows players to choose their preferred characters and tracks as they drive toward the end of the road. Through the underwater world and jungles, SuperTuxKart tests players’ driving skills while giving them the most enjoyable single kart race. There are obstacles that keep players from winning, so watch out for that!

The best part of this game is the fact that it allows players to drive spaceships, too. Everyone can also race against their friends to find out who drives better!


The Gardens Between

The Gardens Between is a puzzle game that explores the story of Arina and Frendt. This game can check players’ patience and curiosity as they try to solve each puzzle with the help of a lantern of light.

Instead of having full control over the characters, players will serve as their guide and solve the puzzles for them to reach one level after another. Since the whole game is only short-length, it has the art style and dreamy soundtrack 



From the home of one of the most award-winning video games, XCOM 2 has been continuing the story of “XCOM: Enemy Unknown” since 2016. The game mainly tackles the story 20 years after the events of its predecessor.

In XCOM 2, the player is the main commander of the military organization that aims to prevent alien occupation in the world. The character receives commands from the player that will help the team completes missions. 

Meanwhile, the map contains levels with a different panorama that adds excitement to the playthrough. Furthermore, each player can adjust the difficulty from Rookie, Veteran, Commander, and Legend. Once the soldiers under the commander survive, an option to unlock new skills and customization will be available.